DelaniOwner, Delani Evans

Delani has been in the forefront of Gymnastics for the past 27 years, with her parents starting Decal Gymnastics in 1990, when Delani was just 5 years old. A competitive gymnast until graduating high school, Delani also entered the coaching role.  Her senior year in High School she began a program in Farmington for Decal Gymnastics through the Recreation Department.  This program grew, where it needed its own facility, and continues to grow today as one of Decal Gymnastics’ main facilities.   Delani manages this facility and Decal’s other program in Waterville.

In the summer of 2010, Delani moved to Prescott, Arizona where she managed a gymnastics school.  Arizona is currently one of the most advanced states when it comes to the sport of gymnastics. She was fortunate enough to work and coach with some of the best people in the sport.  It was through her experiences and drive to one day own her own gym, she decided move back.  With the help of Mike and Becky Doherty the purchase Maine-ly Gymnastics has been a dream come true. Delani along with the whole staff looks forward to working with the all past/present and future students.

The ladies of Decal Gymnasticse name DECAL:
DElani + CArlee + ALexis
  Carol Evans Alexis


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